Why Get Your Car From Us

Our Distinctive Advantage

Our profits are made when we buy a vehicle, not when we sale one. 

We have invested 25 years into relationships and skills that make us very different in how we buy our inventory.  Most used dealerships buy cars at auctions based on wholesale pricing which is too close to retail pricing to make enough profit to sustain.  So, they are forced to increase the price and pass the marked-up cost to you.  We don’t have to do that.

Simply stated, we can obtain great inventory cheaper than other dealers can.

Dealership Vehicles

Our Mission

We have a two-fold mission. Create a platform where employees and partners thrive AND maximize value to customers by getting them the best price we can.

We realize that people buy used cars because they appreciate the best value the can possibly get. We put all our focus on getting you a price that is a winning deal.

Westbridge Auto Front

Heidi Hollingsworth

We couldn't be happier with the service Jake Hedberg provided for us while we went through a barrage of challenges in finding the right car for our daughter's "first car" experience. He was professional, courteous, and patient with us and we finally ended up with the perfect car thanks to his determination to help us.

Heidi Hollingsworth